Week Three Update

posted 18 Oct 2017, 20:11 by Primary 7 Teacher   [ updated 25 Oct 2017, 15:56 ]
Focus on the Re-Sakhalin Project. Helping to keep plastic out of the oceans.

This week we focus on the team leaders for the brilliantly named Re-Sakhalin Project (Global Goal 14). As well as carrying out their recycling duties they have also been hard at work developing an awareness campaign to encourage people in school and around camp to recycle their plastic bottles. Leaflets and awareness posters are being created in the hope that we can increase the amount of plastic that is recycled and reduce the amount of plastics going into our oceans. Keep up the great work team!

As for the other groups, the No Poverty team leaders are preparing to pitch some fundraising ideas to Mr Freeman next week. They also hope to meet with the founder of the charity that they are fundraising for during next week's meeting. This will give them a better idea of what is needed for the children in the Nigerian orphanage and the problems that they face.

The Quality Education team leaders are preparing samples of their "School In A Box" project to encourage people to donate items to children in orphanages in Yuzhno. The team have already made contact with charity workers who are excited to be part of the project.

For Clean Water and Sanitation, the team leaders are considering which charity would best suit their needs. They have written to several charities and will make a decision as to which one will be best to work with. 

Our Gender Equality group are busily preparing a school specific awareness project to promote gender equality both in school and beyond. The aim to do this by speaking in assessmbly, using posters andd making an iMovie.