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Helping other schools to create their own Goalkeeper's Club. 
What if every school had a Goalkeeper's Club, what would the impact be?

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Hello! We are the UN Goalkeepers Club in Sakhalin, Russia. We are a group of international children who want to help achieve the UN Sustainable Development Goals by 2030. We believe that the world needs our help but we can’t do it by ourselves! YOU can help us by starting your own UN clubs all around the world! This page will help you do this and we would like you to encourage your students to tell schools in their home countries about the UN goals. Hopefully we can start a whole chain of UN goalkeeper clubs like this! If you are intrested in saving our planet, read on!

Our Mission

UN Goalkeepers Club is a very helpful club helping to protect people and nature in our areas but we cannot do it all on our own. We need you to help us by starting up Goalkeepers Clubs all over the world! If we all try our best to help achieve the goals then we can make a change and now we will help you start your own club!

When you start your Goalkeepers Club make sure each project is is managed by at least one person, as less than that means that that person will have to do everything themselves and the end result won’t be great. To start with, try and improve your school with the UN Goals. This means projects such as wake up shake up. Wake up shake up is an activity we did every Wednesday to improve our good health and well being ( goal three ). The students would enter the gym hall before school started and a just dance video ( a video where people have to copy the dance moves on the screen) is projected on the wall.The students were getting exercise and having fun at the same time so it was a win win! Once you have had the club for a while you could start with trickier projects and impact the people and nature in your area.

Our Projects

Water Well

One of our past projects was to build a water well in Kenya. We not only achieved this but we actually raised enough for 2 wells! We did this by holding a movie night and hosting food stands at our school play.

Food Bank and care pack/clothes collection

We held a mini food bank to supply homeless people in our area with food. It was joint with a care pack and clothes collection to help struggling people. Both ended up getting many donations and we are extremely happy to know that we helped people to survive!

School in a box

To help orphans in local areas we asked students to donate a box full of school supplies so that the children could have enough supplies for a good education.

Our target was to get 30 boxes and ,amazingly, we got 41! As school children ourselves we know how important having the right supplies is.

Gender Equality Campaign

Two girls in our club decided  they wanted to start a gender equality campaign to show the rest of our school how serious this issue is. They did an assembly with a few examples of general gender inequality and we were all surprised and how much even things like clothes were unfair to boys and girls.

Mini Forest

To try and increase the wild life in our area we decided to plant some trees and plants in an empty area nearby. In total we planted 10 trees and bushes and they are still growing well now.


The UN Goal blog is back, and this week we'll be talking about two easy projects to start off your own goal club. They are the Lights Out and the Healthy Snack Projects .The lights out is where you print off green, yellow and red light bulbs. Every week you will see how much each class had kept the lights on and wasted energy. The classes that have not left the lights on a lot will get a green light bulb on their door, the classes who occasionally leave the lights on will get a yellow light bulb on their door and classes who are frequently leaving the lights on will get a red light bulb. Hopefully this will encourage the students (and teachers!) in your school to try and conserve energy. The healthy snack project is where a group of students will go round to all the classes and look at each child’s snack. They will then get a score of 1 to 3 and all the class’ points will be added up. At the end they will calculate the average of each class and give each child a score from 1 to 3 (1 being not very healthy and 3 being very healthy). Once they are done, they will add up the total score of each class and then find out the average. The class with the largest average will win a healthy snack trophy and will keep it until the next week. Thank you for reading the blog, and see you again next time.


It’s our second term of UN Goalkeepers club and we have a new goalkeeper, plus we’re expecting four more! We have three projects going on currently, all of which are repeated since they were very popular with local charities! We’re doing the school in a box project, clothes and care packages donations and also a mini food bank (you can find out more about these on the our projects section).  Our tuck shop is going extremely well too and now we have a third volunteer to help sell things which makes it a lot easier! ;) Thank you for blog and we hope we are motivating you to start your own UN Goalkeepers Club!