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Tuck Shop Rota

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Shoebox Appeal

posted by Primary 7 Teacher   [ updated ]

Our target was 30 we managed to make 41! Stuffed full of educational equipment we can be sure that children in local orphanages will have better access to Quality Education (Global Goal 4). Representatives from the House of Hope witll deliver them on our behalf. Thank you to our two team leaders who now depart for sunnier weather. We wish them both well.

The Shoe That Grows

posted 13 Dec 2017, 20:53 by Primary 7 Teacher   [ updated 13 Dec 2017, 20:53 ]

Today we were able to see a sample of a pair of growing shoes. We were very impressed with the quality and can not wait to raise enough to money to send the orphans in Nigerial their new shoes.

Gender Equality Group - Raising Awareness

posted 7 Dec 2017, 20:48 by Primary 7 Teacher   [ updated 7 Dec 2017, 20:49 ]

On Friday our Gender Equality Team gave a short presentation about gender equality. They talked about how in many parts of the world women and girls are treated unfairly in terms of pay and opportunity. It was interesting to hear about how toys and clothes play a part in stereotyping children at a young age.

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Tuck Shop - No Poverty Group

posted 7 Dec 2017, 20:14 by Primary 7 Teacher   [ updated 7 Dec 2017, 20:15 ]

After just three weeks of running our tuck shop we have raised 19,250 roubles/325USD/241 GBP or even better 22 pairs of growing shoes for orphans in Nigeria.
Our club target is 300 shoes contributing to the overall target of $6000 for the Oma Okoro Foundation check out this link for more information https://fundraise.theshoethatgrows.org/fundraiser/1193890

Shoebox Appeal - Quality Education Update

posted 7 Dec 2017, 19:20 by Primary 7 Teacher   [ updated 7 Dec 2017, 19:21 ]

We can officially announce that we have not only achieved our target of 30 boxes but we now have 40 and counting, ensuring that more orphans in Yuzhno have better access to education. Thank you to all the generous members of the SIS community. 

Tuck Shop

posted 23 Nov 2017, 18:41 by Primary 7 Teacher   [ updated 23 Nov 2017, 18:43 ]

Shoebox Appeal

posted 21 Nov 2017, 16:41 by Primary 7 Teacher   [ updated 21 Nov 2017, 16:41 ]


posted 7 Nov 2017, 07:43 by Primary 7 Teacher   [ updated 27 Nov 2017, 10:21 ]

Meeting with Uma Okoro Foundation

posted 25 Oct 2017, 21:16 by Primary 7 Teacher

What better way to get to know more about the charity that you are helping than to meet the founder himself? Today we were honored to be joined by Mike Uma Okoro of the Uma Okoro Foundation. We were able to ask lots of questions and present our ideas. We had a great discussion about the children's needs and about the recent visit that he made to the orphanage to donate bags. It is always interesting to hear the plight of children in developing areas and this also helps us to appreciate what we have. Knowing that by making a small contribution we can make a big difference in the daily lives of others. A big thank you to Mike for giving up his time to come to speak to us and inspiring us with the great work that he has already done with his charity.

Pitching our ideas

posted 25 Oct 2017, 20:50 by Primary 7 Teacher   [ updated 25 Oct 2017, 20:52 ]

This week we were joined by our headteacher, Mr Freeman. This was a great opportunity to pitch our ideas and to get approval and further guidance. Now with greater clarity we were able to progress to the final stages of planning awith a view to implimenting our ideas in the near future. The Clean Water and Sanitation group now have a focus for fundraising, to organise a charity quiz night in March. A large list was drawn up of the things that need to be organised. It is going to be a very busy start to the new term for the team.

The Quality Education team leaders presented a sample of the "school in a box" idea and discussed the numbers we will need to provide to the orphanage. The Charity that supports the orphanage estimates between 40-45 boxes will be needed. Our target is to provide at least 30 of these with the charity auctioning off boxes at a charity night in early December.

The No Poverty group came up with the idea of providing a tuck shop to raise money to buy growing shoes. This is likely to be a big hit with fellow students. What a great way to learn about trade and ecconomics as well as raising money for a great cause. The team leaders hope to start after half term.

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