Class Representatives

CPR role and purpose

Class Parent Representative facilitates easy and effective communication means between Parents and the PSA. 

Additionally, the CPR provides a communication link between the Class Teacher and the Parents and can help organize volunteer support for the class. 

Every class has at least one Class Parent Representative. 

Provide a link between parents and class teacher.
Welcome new parents to the class.
Questions / clarify school and class routines, procedures.
Distribution of email communications (focal point).
Reminders of upcoming events.

Provide a link between parents and the PSA.
Pass on any suggestions and ideas from your year group to PSA liason (Elizabeth Hennings) or Head Teacher at any time throughout the year.

PSA liaison will email Class Parent Representative two weeks before PSA meeting to ask for any agenda items.

Organise volunteer support (examples).
Educational excursions
End of term parties
Show costumes