Class Parent Reps and Topics

CPR Role and Purpose

The Class Parent Representative facilitates easy and effective communication means between Parents and the PSA. 

Additionally, the CPR provides a communication link between the Class Teacher and the Parents and can help organize volunteer support for the class. 

Every class has at least one Class Parent Representative. 
  • Provide a link between parents and class teacher for such things as
    • Educational excursions
    • End of term parties
    • Show costumes
    • Shopping
  • Welcome new parents to the class.
  • Questions / clarify school and class routines, procedures.
  • Distribution of email communications (focal point).
  • Reminders of upcoming events.
  • Provide a link between parents and the PSA.
  • Pass on any suggestions and ideas from your year group to PSA Liaison or Head Teacher at any time throughout the year.
  • Will inform the PSA CPR Liaison of agenda items two weeks before a PSA meeting

PSA Topics Term 2 2017-18

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PSA Topics Term 2 2017-18

Term 1 PSA 2017-18 Topic Summary

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Term 1 PSA 2017-2018 Topic Summary

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