School Calendar and Term dates

SIS Upcoming Events

Calendar 2020-2021

Term 1 2020 September 3-December 21

Term 2 2021 January 11-March 29

Term 3 2021 April 12-July 9

Professional Learning Days 

August 28-September 2 (Teachers)

Mid Term 15-19th February (Inclusive)

Public Holidays: 3-10-5th May 

Mid Term: 26th October- 30 Oct (Inclusive)

Defenders Day: 23th February - Holiday

Victory Day: 8-9th May - Holiday

Unity Day: 4th November- Holiday

Women’s Day: 8th March - Holiday

Russia Day: 14th June - Holiday

End of Term 21th Dec

End of Term March 29th

End of Term July 9th

Dates may be subject to change