Water, water everywhere...

posted 13 May 2018, 17:40 by andy.freeman@sakhalinschool.net   [ updated 13 May 2018, 18:08 by Head Teacher ]

In the latter part of this term, learning across Early Years and P2-P7 will revolve around the topic of WATER. Each milepost will learn about water at an appropriate level, under various subject headings. This is an excellent opportunity for the children think reflectively and to reflect on their learning further and make an effort to highlight the many connections that exist within this unit. Brain research suggests that by making and mapping connections within and across our learning, the learning becomes an even more meaningful and successful process.

Therefore we would like the children to engage their critical thinking skills and help us to compile a celebration of learning display in the school Reception. We are asking all the children from Early Years to P7 to think about links they can make from the Big Question: What is water to you? The links can be made to their current and previous learning, the UN Goals, the Personal Qualities and the real world around them (in their home, wider and global communities.). We therefore ask that you please talk to your child about the connections they can identify and prepare a contribution for the display board. This can be presented in any way you wish e.g. written format, through the use of visuals, drawings with captions, a piece of artwork or a video accompanied by a QR code etc.  

Please pass all contributions to Mrs. Kavanagh, Miss. Erin or Ms. Natasha. Please have your name and class clearly visible. We will be accepting contributions until Wednesday June 13th.

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The Independent Yet Interdependent Team