Trips, Visits and Collaborations

posted 29 Oct 2017, 17:54 by
It's been a busy few weeks here at SIS... a busy few weeks of LEARNING!

For just over a year we have been guided in our decision making and in the learning journeys of children by a strong belief in our Shared Vision. In these last few weeks REFLECTIVE THINKING continues to be encouraged through new opportunities, POTENTIAL CHALLENGED through academic rigour, personal qualities and international mindedness, all in support of our learners as ACCOUNTABLE GLOBAL CITIZENS.

Learners have visited a local Cafe, the Theatre, a Museum, The Hub and even had a Pharmacist visit school.

A local school visited our P3 Class to collaborate on how we could encourage recyclable food packaging whilst also promoting some of the UN Goals through superhero designs - see photos.

These links for bigger and better learning, mean children are busy learning, busy making better connections with the real world for learning which lead to them being bigger and better learners for the future.

I love it!

Mr Freeman