Jobs People Do: 'Looking for Learning...'

posted 28 Nov 2016, 02:58 by
Learning this term is linked to the theme of Jobs and different things people do. Whilst you all may have some idea of what I do there's one part I really like and I thought I'd share it as I think it's something we can all do. The part of my job that I really, really, really like is looking for learning. I'm lucky in that I get the opportunity to roam classes and share learning with children. Yep. That's right. With children. If learning is taking place then I'll find that out from them. 

Learning happens in the end user, the children. I have great conversations with them and, I'm pleased to say, I often find out that great learning is taking place. We have a great team of staff who aim to provide appropriate, sufficient and engaging learning and it is because of this that we see great learning happen. [That great, same team of staff are also used to me wandering in and out uninvited and I'd like to thank them for making me always feel welcome and, in some cases, putting up with my interruptions and questions!]

The last few weeks I have focused looking for learning on Big Questions. This has been a focus for us since September and something that is new and developing in our school. It links to our vision for Reflective Thinkers and, as teachers, when we trial something new, our only way of finding out if it is helping us improve our learners is by going to them directly.

We weren't exactly sure what we would find but in such a short space of time we are already hearing how Big Questions:
  • are confusing... but it makes my learning deeper
  • we use them all the time
  • they make us think more
  • you have lots of thoughts... helps us think of more questions... more answers... it is like a Big Questions cycle
  • sometimes we don't have the right information first time... it's harder... it gets us ready for secondary school
  • ...and so on
Here are some examples of learning too:

Whilst the above is a celebration of learning and the environment created by a great team of staff, I hope it gives an idea of where we can find out if something is working. If you want to know if something is having an impact or doing what you intended, don't always go to the middle man [though they will have important information to share], go to the end user... go and look for learning where it happens.

Let me know what you find out.