I've been thinking... and so have you!

posted 9 Feb 2017, 11:01 by andy.freeman@sakhalinschool.net   [ updated 9 Feb 2017, 11:07 ]
I shared in a previous post about how we were focusing in school on how we could provide more opportunities for reflective and critical thinking opportunities across the school. I was thinking last night about if we had been sharing enough examples of this with the wider community to help you understand/think (it's all linked!) what this is about, how it is going and what it means for learning in our context and how it is supporting our learners as accountable global citizens.

Well here's one example...

Yesterday our Milepost 3 welcomed a professional athlete into the classroom linked to their current learning about health and fitness. To support learning in this way they...

Used a Visible Thinking Tool (VTT) together to generate questions, ideas and thoughts to talk about

Used these for a very in-depth discussion/debate

Shared reflections on their learning/understanding together through an alternative VTT

I also visited a MP 2 class and wanted to share how children's learning is getting bigger and better as a result of this focus. In the class two learners had to represent something that was between 0.5 and 0.6m. Through some discussion, visible thinking and coaching (between each other, not with me!) they realised their books were not big enough and came up with this...

... they converted it to a 0.5-0.6cm ant! I love it!

(Now for me to go and think how to rotate an image stored on Google Drive so you can see it the right way up on the website... any visible thinking you can share anyone?)