Happy Holi!

posted 14 Mar 2017, 03:23 by andy.freeman@sakhalinschool.net
Last week we were lucky enough to develop our knowledge and understanding of a culture beyond our own nationality thanks to our friends who shared the celebration of Holi with us at our school.

As part of our shared learning we found out about the story behind the celebration and some of the traditions associated with it.

To celebrate the 'throwing of paint' that usually happens at Holi, our friends kindly prepared 4 large tubs of shredded colour paper for us to throw.

As you can see, our children really enjoyed the celebration, developing their international mindedness and reflecting on their futures as accountable global citizens.

Thanks to Manesh, Shweta, Tanush and our friends from the Indian community for sharing this with us.

We look forward to more of our families helping us reflect on the international in future celebrations. Email me at andy.freeman@sakhalinenergy.ru if you would like to support our learners in this way.