From a Shared Vision to shared behaviours...

posted 30 Nov 2017, 03:58 by   [ updated 13 Dec 2017, 15:32 ]
The reason I've chosen this as the title for this blog is because there is lots going on in our school and today a teacher reminded me of words I used when sharing learning through a webinar: I'd forgotten them. Forgotten how powerful they are. Forgotten that this was what developing great learning needs. What were they?

It’s not just about having a vision but about how you ensure this vision becomes behaviour

What I haven't forgotten however, as we will see below, is our shared vision at SIS. And neither have our Curriculum and Vision Team leads.. or our teachers... or our learners. And this is why I can say that we are ensuring our vision becomes our behaviour. How we are promoting reflective thinking and supporting our learners as accountable global citizens is becoming more and more of a behaviour every day.

In just this week we have seen:
  • a local company with children at our school share learning and thinking about health, safety and environment to support their futures as accountable global citizens
  • our P3 class, with their partners in learning from a local school, present to people from various companies their findings and views on the overuse of plastic to encourage them to make a difference

Check out our UN Goal Keepers page too to see how our shared vision is becoming more of a behaviour in many other ways:

Shared Vision. Real Experiences. Great Learning... behaviours make a difference.