Collaboration With Local Schools

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Supporting our shared vision we challenge potential and support the future of our learners as accountable global citizens, by continuing to develop our friendships with local schools.

This year we added to our programme, identifying areas of shared learning and friendships for every child from Pre-Nursery to Middle Years.

We also introduce Community Based Projects to share with local school during the year.

To support our collaboration we have set a competition among the schools to design a collaboration logo and motto. Let your child know and get them to enter soon!

Design a Collaboration Logo

Learning between Sakhalin International School and four local schools has grown and improved in the last 3 years.

Children and students from different ages have shared learning through different cultures and sports in events such as:

  • Pushkin Celebrations

  • Maslenitsa

  • Winter Sports

  • International children’s Day

  • Festivals Around The World

In future we plan to extend these shared learning experiences for children right down to PN-N, and include:

  • Recycling Around the World

  • Road Safety in Our Home Countries

  • Sporting Events

In doing so we reach our aims of:

developing a positive attitude towards other cultures in all children, outside of their own nationality

offering children new experiences that challenge and improve learning (personal, social, emotional and academic)

supporting our learners futures as accountable global citizens


We want you to design a badge and logo (few words)  that you think best represents our collaboration.


  • Ages 8-13 can enter

  • Design must not be bigger than A4

  • Only pencils (different colours allowed)

  • Submit to Sasha by 28 October

Winner will be selected in November and their design used on all communications and posters.