Building A Ski Resort? Critical Thinking Needed

posted 4 Oct 2016, 16:04 by   [ updated 4 Oct 2016, 16:31 by ]
Last week I was wandering around looking for learning and happened upon a very excited teacher, Mrs Kavanagh.

Finding it difficult to contain her excitement I didn't have to ask what it was about, she told me.

In P6 they trialed a visible thinking tool called the Circle of Perspectives. In this, each child takes on the role of a character/person involved in a real/created problem.

Sitting around a table [cooperation] they discuss [communication] the issue from that person's viewpoint, writing down their points and arguments as they discuss them. As one comment is made, there is a reaction from others around the table and the comments grow on the paper - visible thinking!

In this activity children argued the decision to develop a ski resort on a mountain from the point of view of:
  •  an environmentalist
  • a tourist
  • local person
  • the business owner hoping to build the resort

Mrs Kavanagh was overwhelmed by how this technique stimulated learning, allowed her an insight into each child's understanding [critical thinking] of the problem and context, and how this linked to recent learning about habitats.

Reflective Thinking! Challenging Potential! Accountable Global Citizens! Great learning!