Big Questions and Visible Thinking

posted 20 Sep 2016, 15:09 by
I was sharing learning with teachers and staff yesterday linked to our shared vision and how this is communicated, asking for them to support through their blogs on our website. I then realised that I wasn't... how did I miss that opportunity?

So here I start my blog...

...and the focus with my blog will be linked to how we are encouraging and supporting reflecting thinking opportunities and routines in our children, supporting their futures as accountable global citizens. Tools we are looking at this year are the use of Big Questions and Making Thinking Visible. These add to/combine well with various tools we already have in our toolkit for great learning and will only do more to link us and your children to bigger and better learning.

A visible example of Big Questions and Visible Thinking for you to 'see, think and wonder' over are attached in the photos [from a P1 display].

Let me know what Biq Questions you have about learning related to this: