And what a way to start the term!

posted 15 Sep 2017, 20:44 by   [ updated 15 Sep 2017, 20:45 ]
We ended last term and year with a celebration of the work that Mike Uma Okoro does with young children back in Nigeria, his home country, and the support that you all gave for this work through helping produce and buy an SIS Cookbook.

And to share in how you supported these children, below are pictures from Mike who visited Nigeria this summer to continue to support the Foundation he started and supports. A message from Mike:

Uma-Okoro Foundation Will like to say a big thank you to Sakhalin International School for supporting our mission to help children who are unable to access learning resources. Attached are some photos from our mission trip this summer. Thank you for working with us to inspire a future filled with hope.


Yours sincerely

Uma-Okoro Michael 

And this is not the end. I hear that some parents in Sakhalin are looking for other ways to support also... perhaps we can all join in and continue this support long term. I'll keep you posted.

For now, thank you.

And well done, Mike. Respect!