And an International Friday...respect!

posted 12 Jun 2017, 14:53 by
I meant what I said on Friday (for those who were there). I 'really love the fact that our school represents so many different backgrounds' and what I like even more, is that 'we share and celebrate the similarities and differences' together. We are lucky to be amongst so many friends from different backgrounds.

Whilst there is a culture of respect in our school, we have to accept that sometimes children forget themselves. It is for this reason that we as parents, teachers and learners ourselves need to coach and share learning within our community to regularly celebrate our similarities and differences and develop that interest, knowledge and understanding of and beyond our own cultures (International Mindedness). In doing so, we develop respect.

On Friday at school, all in the space of several hours we developed that respect more.

In the morning in a whole school assembly we learnt more about Sikhism from one of our families. The learning was fantastic and as our learners asked questions, we could feel the respect in the room that our learners have for other cultures and gained an insight into how internationally minded our learners are.

Later on Friday, our Middle Years students visited the Japanese Consulate to find out more about Japanese art and culture.


And to end an international day of learning about the similarities and differences in our cultures, we learnt more about traditions in Russia in preparation for Monday's holiday of Russia Day.

We are privileged to be able to share in such a diverse community. Our experiences help us all develop more as accountable global citizens. If you can help add to our, and our learners' experiences, please let me know: