A Day In The Life Of...

posted 7 Nov 2016, 03:46 by andy.freeman@sakhalinschool.net
Welcome back to a new half-term of learning at our school.

Today every class started new units of learning. In the Early Years children are learning about the Weather whilst in P2-P7 learning is focused on  A Day In The Life Of, Money and Trade. The Middle Years focus on the Big Idea of Risk which I am sure can be seen in everything from the weather to trade!

Also today, one of our cleaners, Valentina, left the school after 12 years supporting keeping our environment safe and healthy for us all. I talked to her today more about her life in Sakhalin. She has worked for over 40 years here; she has a letter from the Russian Government recognising this. I also learnt how she worked in a factory before coming here and about her love of dancing.

This conversation made me wonder how much we share and talk about the 'day in the life' of those people around us who work with and support us, and if we celebrate these people enough with our children;  including bus drivers, nannies and those who keep our houses working through all weather.

The people around us are important and if we want to support or children's futures as accountable global citizens in the jobs they do, the money they earn, and the trades they are involved in, we need to help them think reflectively about all those people around us who work with us, take risks and face all sorts of weather to support us.

Let's celebrate our community... all of it. These Units of learning give us a good opportunity to reflect on our being in a great location with good people and create positive memories of our time in Sakhalin and the people who shared in our lives in different ways.

Mr F