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We are from different countries but we have one goal.

posted 15 May 2018, 20:38 by Russian Teacher 2


Do you recognise this cat?

posted 15 May 2018, 20:23 by Russian Teacher 2


Exploring language through art

posted 15 May 2018, 20:13 by Russian Teacher 2


UN Goals

posted 5 Sep 2017, 20:58 by Russian Teacher 2   [ updated 14 Sep 2017, 20:46 ]

  Какого цвета Ваше право? 


Learning the colours of UN Golas with P1/P2.


Discussing UN Goals in 'Timed Pair Share' and 'StandUp-HandUp-PairUp' cooperative learning structures first. 


Using Jot Thoughts to generate ideas.



Analysing issues using various Visual Thinking Tools: 'Mind Map' with P4/P5; 'Perspectives tool' with P6/P7 and 'Connection Circle' with MYs.



Reflecting on learning with P6

posted 4 Jul 2017, 20:13 by Russian Teacher 2





Linking with IPC 'Transport'

posted 2 Jul 2017, 21:57 by Russian Teacher 2   [ updated 4 Jul 2017, 20:39 ]




Russian Cultural Club with MYs

posted 29 Jun 2017, 21:10 by Russian Teacher 2   [ updated 29 Jun 2017, 21:12 ]

Have you ever tried a chocolate sausage?                 Drawing Matryoshka in our own style.



Having a walk around our camp, looking at the beautiful Sakhalin nature. Did you know that  birch tree is a symbol of Russia and eating burdock in Sakhalin as common as having pasta or potatoes?


And, of course, making pancakes...with a maple syrup though.

Linking with IPC

posted 29 Jun 2017, 16:57 by Russian Teacher 2

  The Brilliant Bug Ball with Primary 1





posted 1 Mar 2017, 19:58 by Russian Teacher 2

 Maslenitsa (Russian: Ма́сленица) is a Russian religious and folk holiday. It is celebrated during the last week before Great Lent - that is, the seventh week before Pascha (Easter). The most characteristic food of Maslenitsa is bliny (Russian pancakes), popularly taken to symbolize the sun. We found out some interesting facts about Maslenitsa, watched presentation, made our paper sun comparing it's shape and colours with bliny.
Can you answer to our Big Question: "What is Maslenitsa?"





Russian Defenders Day

posted 1 Mar 2017, 19:10 by Russian Teacher 2



 Defender of the Fatherland Day is one of Russia's public holidays and is celebrated nationwide on February 23. 
Women often give presents and postcards to their male relatives, including those who never served in the military. On a workday before or after the holiday, many women also congratulate their male colleagues and schoolboys may receive small presents from their female classmates. We also made little presents for our fathers, brothers and friends.

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