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Welcome to Milepost 2.  

Please check this news page regularly for reminders, updates, news and photos about our learning journey. 

Try using these prompts with your child to find out more about the learning below: 'Tell me...',  'Show me...', 'Talk to me about...'.  

Term 3 Week 6

posted 21 May 2017, 16:03 by Primary 5 Teacher   [ updated 21 May 2017, 16:04 ]

This week children will complete their Non-Chronological reports about the artist Georgia O'Keeffe.
Children will be given the opportunity to research and record information before presenting the information.

To know the features of Non-Chronological Reports
We will look at the features of non-fiction writing and how they help the reader.
  • Subheadings
  • Bold print/italics
  • Different fonts
  • Pictures/captions
  • Headings
  • Paragraphs
  • Opening sentence/paragraph
To be able to write a non-chronological report independently

To understand how the features of non-fiction writing help the reader

Maths: Fractions and Decimals
We will continue our learning about fractions.
Children will revise how to find a fraction of a number and how to add and subtract fractions.

To know the language numerator and denominator

To be able to find a single unit fraction of a given number E.g. 1/4, 1/5, 1/10
To be able to find non-unit fractions of a given number E.g. 4/5, 3/8, 6/10
To be able to add and subtract fractions with the same denominator
To be able to answer word problems involving fractions

IPC: Reflection Week
We will look back over the learning covered in Plant It!, Forces and Electricity IPC Units.
Children will be given the opportunity to show what knowledge they have learnt and will be given the opportunity to talk about their learning in Art, Science, and ICT.

We will also be designing and decorating t-shirts in preparation for International Children's Day on Friday.

Term 3 Week 5

posted 14 May 2017, 23:00 by Primary 5 Teacher   [ updated 14 May 2017, 23:12 ]

Some children have told me that they are having issues with Reading Eggs and that avatars have been changed and some of the settings are not as they have set them up.  If this happens please let me know and I can reset the password.

International Children's Day is on Friday 26th May, all children have now brought in a white t-shirt thank you.
If you have not already done so please send a washed out, cut in half bottle and a washed out cut in half milk/juice carton

We will be looking at Non-Chronological reports and linking them up to our IPC learning.
Children will be finding out information about the artist Georgia O'Keeffe and using this to make a presentation

To know the features of non-fiction texts such as
  • bold print
  • Italics
  • headings
  • subheading
  • Pictures
  • captions
  • paragraphs
To be able to identify the features of a non-chronological text
To be able to make notes
To be able to research for information about a famous person
To be able to write a non-chronological report

To think about when to use a non-chronological report

This week we will be looking at Fraction and Decimals

To know what each digit stands for in numbers with 2 decimal places
To know equivalents 0.1's and 1/10ths and 1/100's

To be able to round decimals and fractions to the nearest whole number
To be able to multiply and divide decimal numbers by 10 and 100 to give 10ths and hundredths
To be able to write place value related additions and subtractions for numbers up to 2 decimal places


Let's Plant It! Plants
This week and next week we will focus on Art.
We will also link our non-chronological report writing to our IPC unit

To know a famous artist and some of their work

To be able to talk about works of art, giving reasons for their opinions
To be able to choose materials and techniques which are appropriate to their task
To be able to explain their own work in terms of what they have done and why

Term 3 Week 4

posted 9 May 2017, 23:49 by Primary 5 Teacher   [ updated 9 May 2017, 23:49 ]

Welcome back to school after the long weekend!
I hope that you are feeling rested and are ready to return to school.
As we look forward towards the end of the school year, please could you let me know if your family will be leaving Sakhalin at then of the school year.
This will give us the opportunity to plan in a leaving assembly and prepare the all important leaving book.

Literacy: This week we will look at story writing
To know how to punctuate direct speech
To know how to use basic punctuation, capital letters, commas, full stops, exclamation marks and question marks.

To be able to write a story in a given time with a beginning, middle, and end
To be able to use correct punctuation for direct speech in a story

To understand that when writing a story you need to think about the audience 

Numeracy: We will be learning about AREA and PERIMETER
To know that the area of a shape is how much surface it has
To know that the perimeter is the distance all the way round a shape

To be able to find the area of a shape
To be able to find the perimeter of a shape

IPC: Let's Plant It! Plants 
The Big Picture
Plants are essential to all life on Eart.
If plants died out so would we, along with many other living things that depend on them for food.

The Big Question
What is a plant?

Term 2 week 4

posted 2 May 2017, 23:11 by Primary 5 Teacher   [ updated 2 May 2017, 23:12 ]

Literacy: Non-Chronological Reports

To know the main features of report writing

To be abe to write a non-chronological report

Maths: Addition and Subtraction

To know how to add and subtract using compact and expanded addition/subtraction strategies

To be able to add any pair of 4 digit numbers using compact addition
To be able to subtract near multiples of / and 

IPC: Feel the Force! Forces
Our focus this week will be on Technology learning.

To be able to identify and implement improvements to their designs and products
To be able to suggest improvements to products in everyday use

We also hope to start our new IPC unit this week: 
Let's Plant It! Plants
We will start the unit with an 'Entry Point', 'Knowledge Harvest' and 'Explaining the Theme'.

Term 2 Week 4

posted 2 May 2017, 20:28 by Primary 5 Teacher   [ updated 2 May 2017, 20:29 ]

We have been very lucky to have Chris White an author and illustrator from the UK join us at Sakhalin International School this week.
On Tuesday there was an assembly to welcome and introduce Chris to the children.
Children also dressed as book characters from their favourite books.

Mile Post 2 children then had a drawing session with Chris, 
they designed a new pet by joining up the body parts of different animals to create a new pet!

On Wednesday the children then took their new pet to a writing session with Chris.
Each child wrote a poem about their new pet monster.
I am sure that you will enjoy reading about the new pets when the children bring their learning home.

The children really enjoyed having a real live author and illustrator in school!
Children were motivated and engaged in the learning that took place and all of the children were enthusiastic about writing their poems.

Many, many thanks to Ms Miraim for arranging this exciting event in our school.

Term 3 Week 2

posted 17 Apr 2017, 23:35 by Primary 5 Teacher   [ updated 18 Apr 2017, 16:28 ]

In Literacy we will be looking at fiction stories with an element of fantasy.
This will be linked to our IPC unit of Forces, with children writing a story with a hero/superhero with powers linked to Forces.

To know the key features of a fantasy story

To be able to write a character description
To be able to write punctuated dialogue
To be able to select powerful verbs for impact

To understand and use first and third person verbally and in writing

In Maths we will focus on Time, times tables and coordinates

To know 24 hour clock times E.g. 6 pm = 18.00

T be able to tell time on digital and analogue clocks
To be able to convert 24 hour clock times to AM/PM
To be able to use timetables and calculate intervals
To be able to plot and write coordinates

In IPC we will introduce the new unit - Feel the Force! Forces
Our learning journey will include an Entry Point, Knowledge Harvest, Big Picture and our first subjects will be Science, and Technology.

To know about the effects of friction

To be able to prepare a simple investigation which is fair, with one changing factor
To be able to carry out simple investigations
To be able to predict the outcome of an investigation

To understand that different materials are suited for different purposes

New IPC Teams

posted 17 Apr 2017, 23:05 by Primary 5 Teacher   [ updated 17 Apr 2017, 23:05 ]

As we have a new IPC unit we have changed the IPC teams.

Before deciding on the IPC teams children reflected on what makes a good team member.
They then thought about their own qualities and what their individual strengths are.
Children then considered what they could do to improve their cooperation and teamwork skills.
These reflections were shared in the class, with children offering each other peer support and coaching.

Children then thought about the people that they would be able to work well with in a team.
And so the children selected their own teams.
Each child has a target that they are are trying to improve on and their teammates will help to coach them as well as feedback at the end of the unit.

Class and team building activities will take place throughout the unit to help build positive relations, increase motivation and learning and boost self-esteem.



Term 3 Week 1

posted 9 Apr 2017, 23:06 by Primary 5 Teacher   [ updated 9 Apr 2017, 23:06 ]

Welcome back!

In Literacy we will be looking at Fiction with an element of fantasy

Know how to punctuate dialogue in a text

To be able to write a short story

To develop an understanding of plot, character, and setting

In Maths we will be learning about multiplication and division

To know multiplication and division facts for the 9x table

To be able to use times tables facts and place value to multiply multiple of 10 and 100by single digit numbers

To develop an understanding of the relationship between multiplication and division

We will start our IPC unit 'Feel the Force!' - Forces.
This week the children will begin their learning journey with an' Entry Point', 'Knowledge Harvest', and 'Big Picture'.

Our Big Question will be 'What are forces?'
We will revisit the big question throughout the unit as the children develop their knowledge, skills, and understanding.

Start of Term 3

posted 24 Mar 2017, 20:23 by Primary 5 Teacher   [ updated 24 Mar 2017, 20:23 ]

A reminder that term 3 will start on Monday the 10th April and we look forward to welcoming the class back then.

Please note there have been some changes to the timetable,  a new copy of which is displayed on the Primary 5 page.
Swimming will start the first week back and Primary 5 will be swimming on Wednesday afternoon.
Please ensure that your child has a swimming costume/trunks, a towel, swimming cap, goggles and a bag to carry their things across to the pool.

P.E. has now changed to Tuesday and will take place at the Rec Centre.  
Children will come to school as usual for registration and I will take them over to the Rec Centre for the lesson.

There is a link to the new 'Learning Letter' for term 3 on the Primary 5 page.
This gives an outline of the areas of learning to be covered in Literacy, Numeracy and IPC.


posted 22 Mar 2017, 00:44 by Primary 5 Teacher   [ updated 22 Mar 2017, 00:45 ]

In Primary 5 today we had a 'Technology Day', linked to their learning in science.

Children were given the challenge to design the interior of a house that included:

  • A door buzzer with a press switch
  • A light (or lights) with a toggle switch

The Learning Goals were:
To be able to use simple tools and equipment with some accuracy
To be able to identify the ways in tools in everyday use meets specific needs


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