Week Beginning 6th February 2017

posted 2 Feb 2017, 18:55 by Primary 4 Teacher   [ updated 2 Feb 2017, 18:56 ]
Another exciting week of learning ahead. We continue to find out about staying fit and healthy in IPC and will learning all about our main muscles and how they work. Last week we were lucky enough to take part in a fitness class at Oasis with Ms. Peggy and this week we look forward to a visit from our resident doctor Ms. Litska. Be sure to ask your child about these visits.

**Home Learning**
-Please make sure your child has their home learning folder every Friday. I have started writing their spelling reflection score on the sheet so check this with your child to see how they've done.
-There is an additional Maths worksheet to be completed this week
-Please practice chanting the 6 times tables at home

Our class assembly will be on Friday 17th February at 8:30am. Please let me know if your child will not be here on that day as we will be starting to practice for it this week. 

Literacy learning outcomes:


To know at least one poet and the name of their poem (Robert Louis Stevenson)

To know how to change a simple sentence into a complex sentence. 


To be able to read a text.

To be able to find information in a text.

To be able to discuss a text.

To be able to recite a poem learnt by heart

To be able to recognise rhyming couplets


        To discuss how different poems make you feel. 

Mathematics learning outcomes:


To know how many g in a kg

To know our 3, 4  and 6 times tables facts and the related division facts


      To be able to measure in g and kg

      To be able to convert g into kg and vice versa


       To discuss when these skills would be useful in real life

IPC - 'Shaping Up...' 

                             To know the names and functions of the main muscles in the human body
                             To know how much exercise people should do

                            To be able to label the main muscles in the human body
                            To be able record data (how many minutes of exercise they do on average each                                   day of the week)
                            To be able to carry out an investigation to see how exercise effects our pulse rate

                            To discuss the health benefits of exercise
                            To be able to explain the results of their investigation