Week Beginning 5th December 2016

posted 1 Dec 2016, 21:26 by Primary 4 Teacher   [ updated 1 Dec 2016, 21:26 ]
Swimming Gala
-Monday at 1:30pm
-Children come to school and walk across with the class
-No swimming hat needed as they will wear a hat in their team colour
-Parents are welcome to come along and support the children

Parent Teacher Meetings
-A letter went home today with the time and date of your meeting
-Please sign and return if you can make it

-A letter went home today for our trip to Hokkaido Cafe. Please sign and return the slip if you would like your child to attend

**Home Learning**
Please ensure your child is completing their Mathletics and Reading Eggs

Literacy learning outcomes:


To know a poem off by heart.

To know the difference between past and present tense. 


To be able to read a text.

To be able to find information in a text.

To be able to discuss a text.

To be able to learn a poem by heart.

To be able to plan a narrative poem.

To be able to write a narrative poem. 


        To explain how changing the tense can effect the story. 

Mathematics learning outcomes:


To know the 4 times tables and related division facts.


      To be able to answer multiplication and division questions.

      To be able to carry out division with remainders.

      To be able to find half of quantities, including odd numbers.


       To explain how to carry out a division question when there is a remainder.
       To understand the concept of 1/2, 1/3 and 1/4 of shapes and numbers.

IPC - 'Young Entrepreneurs' (Technology)


To know a variety of holiday card companies.

To know what makes a successful advertisement.


To be able to research holiday advertisements.

To be able to, as a team, design a video advertising their cards.

To be able to promote their card and talk about their design in a 'Trade Fair' for the other classes to visit. 

To be able to reflect on the effectiveness of their holiday card business.

To be able to think of and record questions for the owner of Hokkaido Cafe. 

       To explain why people should buy their holiday/winter card.
       To discuss the effectiveness of their holiday card business.