Week Beginning 27th February 2017

posted 26 Feb 2017, 14:08 by Primary 4 Teacher   [ updated 26 Feb 2017, 14:08 ]
I hope you are all rested and ready for another great half term of learning!

We start the week with an Entry Point to spark excitement about our new unit in IPC 'Bright Sparks!'.

On Thursday there is an open learning session for Literacy, where you are invited to come in and share in your child's learning. This will be from 8:30am - 9:30am.

**Home Learning**
-Will be given out on Friday as usual
-Reading Eggs and Mathletics
-You can also practice the times tables and related division fact for the 3, 4, 6 and 7 times tables (Hit the Button is a great website for this)

**Please remember to send your child with a water bottle as the water fountains are still out of use due to the spread of the stomach virus.

Literacy learning outcomes:

*This week children will write an independent piece of narrative writing which will be used for assessment. Following this the children will have the opportunity to read back and review their own writing. 


To know how to change a simple sentence into a complex sentence. 


To be able to read a text.

To be able to find information in a text.

To be able to discuss a text.


        To discuss why the writer chose to use particular words. 

Mathematics learning outcomes:

        To know the place value of 3-digit numbers including money
        To know the 6 x tables and related division facts

        To be able to multiply and divide by 10 and 100
        To be able to multiply and divide by 10 and 100 using money
        To be able to use inverse operations

        To explain what happens when you multiply or divide a number by 10 and 100

IPC - 'Bright Sparks!' 

        Entry Point - An exciting activity to get the children interested in the unit

        Knowledge Harvest - An opportunity for the children to share what they already know/think they know about the unit

        Explaining the Theme - A look into the learning that will be covered