Week Beginning 23rd January 2017

posted 22 Jan 2017, 22:13 by Primary 4 Teacher   [ updated 22 Jan 2017, 22:13 ]
A busy week of learning ahead, all about keeping fit and making healthy choices. 

**Home Learning**

-There is an extra Maths activity in the home learning folders

Big Question: Please discuss the following 'Big Question' with your child at home and encourage them to write down their thoughts on a post it and stick it on the Big Question display in class.

'Do all countries exercise and keep fit in the same way?'

Literacy learning outcomes:


To know that there is a process to writing a recount; plan, write, edit

To know how to change a simple sentence into a complex sentence. 


To be able to read a text.

To be able to find information in a text.

To be able to discuss a text.

To be able to write a recount in the form of a diary entry.

To be able to use connectives to write sentences with more than one clause.

To be able to use adverbs and adverbial sentences effectively. 


        To discuss how diaries can give an insight into people's lives. 

Mathematics learning outcomes:


To know different strategies for subtracting.

To know different strategies for addition.


      To be able add two 3-digit numbers using expanded addition and column addition

      To be able to subtract a 2-digit number from a 3-digit number using a number line.

      To be able to use counting up to subtract.


       To explain how to carry out different addition and subtraction strategies.

IPC - 'Shaping Up...' 

                             To know the main functions of the human skeleton
                             To know what pulse rate means and what the average is
                             To know the average temperature

                            To be able to use a thermometer to take a persons temperature
                            To be able to take a persons pulse rate and check if it is within the average range
                            To be able to label the main bones of the human skeleton

                            To discuss the main functions of the human skeleton clearly
                            To explain the term (bpm) when talking about pulse rate