Week Beginning 21st November 2016

posted 17 Nov 2016, 21:33 by Primary 4 Teacher   [ updated 17 Nov 2016, 21:33 ]
A big 'Thank You' to all of the parents who came along on Tuesday morning to support the children's learning in IPC. It was great that we were able to share some of the learning strategies we use in class and the children love having their parents join in. 

**Home Learning**
This week I have sent the children home with a new sheet in their home learning folder, which includes their spellings. 
Home Learning will continue to be set on a Friday to be completed by the following Friday when they will also have a spelling reflection. 

This week we will be spending time assessing where the children are in their learning.

Literacy learning outcomes:


To know the 5 main parts of a story. 


To be able to read a text.

To be able to find information in a text.

To be able to discuss a text.

To be able to plan a story.

To be able to write a story.


        To discuss the writers word choices in a text. 

Mathematics learning outcomes:


To know the 4 times tables and related division facts.


      To be able to answer questions and double check answers.

      To be able to answer multiplication and division questions.

      To be able to carry out division with remainders.


       To explain how to carry out a division question when there is a remainder.

IPC - 'Young Entrepreneurs' (History)


To know about different currencies.

To know how the way we use money has changed over the years. 


To be able to design questions to find out information. 

To be able interview and record a parent.

       To explain why the way we use money may have changed over the years.