Week 8 - Reflection Week

posted 18 Oct 2015, 23:48 by Primary 5 Teacher   [ updated 18 Oct 2015, 23:48 ]
What is a reflection week?  
A learning opportunity which allows your child to reflect, identify, learn and explain the links they are have made in their learning journey. 

  • We have already started to make links between subjects and the big picture - our pop up restaurant. 
  • Children will reflect on the knowledge, skills learnt and developed so far.
  • By the end of the week your child will explain their understanding of their learning to their peers and teachers. 
  • A whole school exit point will be on Friday - Milepost 2 children will be entering into a 'favorite sandwich competition' making their own bread and designing and making their healthy sandwich. 
  • We will focus on our unit of learning, 'Instructions'.  This week children will have the opportunity to demonstrate their learning so far in an independent writing activity. 
  • Linked to this children will write a set of instructions for their exit point sandwich. 
  • Completion of unit C1.
  • Reflection of the three units covered so far.
  • A reflection process to see which times tables each child knows - x2, x5, x10, x3, x4, x6, x9, x7, x8