Week 6

posted 3 Oct 2015, 18:05 by Primary 5 Teacher
Due to the school closure on Friday, the home learning format will change for this week.  Children can still access the reading eggs and mathletics at home and are expected to read everyday.  We will take this opportunity to reflect on spelling patterns and spelling words covered so far this term. 

An exciting week ahead. Please read on for more specific learning outcomes.

Literacy learning outcomes:


To know the different features of instructional texts


To be able to use diagrams and illustrations to add information.

To be able to write a simple set of instructions.

To be able to use headings and sub-headings.


To be able to explain the purpose of instruction texts. 

Mathematics learning outcomes:


To know the 3 and 4 times tables. 

To know the names of 2D shapes and their properties.


To be able to solve puzzles - magic squares. 

To be able to describe and categorise 2D shapes.


    To share and discuss shapes we find in the classroom and local environment 

International Primary Curriculum (IPC) learning outcomes:


To know about healthy balanced diets. 

To know that plants need food sunlight and water to grow


To be able to sort foods into food groups. 

To be able to design a balanced menu for our pop-up restaurant. 


To explain why a balanced diet is important.