Week 11

posted 12 Nov 2015, 21:34 by Primary 5 Teacher   [ updated 12 Nov 2015, 22:01 ]
Lots of wonderful music coming out of Primary 4 this week with children learning in groups and producing some master pieces!

The week ahead is going to involve making panpipes, learning about the human eye and how light travels. We also look forward to learning more time related knowledge and skills. 

Literacy learning outcomes:


To know the purpose of punctuation. 


To be able to use speech when writing a story.

To be able to edit and redraft.


       To explain the purpose of using senses in descriptive sentences.

Mathematics learning outcomes:


To know the 6 times tables. 

To know how many grams are in a kilogram and how many milliliters are in a litre.


To be able to read intervals on a scale. 

To be able to answer word problems.


      To explain the relationship between grams and kilograms and milliliters and liters.
      To be able to explain their working out. 

International Primary Curriculum (IPC) learning outcomes:


To know how sound is measured. 

To know the parts of the human eye .


To be able to use tools with accuracy. 

To be able to label the different parts of the eye. 

To be able to research using a variety of sources.


      To explain how light travels. 

      To explain the functions of the different parts of the eye