Primary 4 Learning for w/c 03/10/16

posted 1 Oct 2016, 16:24 by Primary 4 Teacher   [ updated 1 Oct 2016, 16:24 ]
Please find below the learning for the week coming up:

Literacy (stories by the same author)
To be able to listen and respond appropriately to their peers
To be able to add suffixes to root words which require dropping the final e
To be able to use conjunctions and spot verbs

To know how powerful verbs are used to create more interesting sentences

To be able to halve two digit even numbers
To be able to double two-digit numbers up to 50
To be able to divide using the two times table
To be able to recognize multiples of 2, 5 and 10

To know how to apply the maths law of commutativity

To know about ways in which plants and animals are suited to different environments (Science)
To be able to make usable plans (Technology)
To be able to use simple tools and equipment with some accuracy (Technology)
To be able to identify and implement improvements to their designs and products (Technology)