Music with Miss Katy

posted 1 Dec 2015, 22:58 by Primary 4 Teacher   [ updated 1 Dec 2015, 22:58 ]
Another fun afternoon for MP2!

In our IPC lesson this afternoon Miss Katy taught us how to read and record simple notes of music. Then to change things up a little we used the random name generator to select pairs of children to work together. Their task was to write a selection of notes for their partner to play on the glockenspiels. This was a great opportunity for those children who have music lessons to share their existing knowledge with the rest of the class. When asked, the children said the Personal Qualities they used the most in this activity were respect, as they had to ensure that their partner was able to follow the notes and it wasn't too difficult, and resilience, as it was a new skill that they had to work at to get right.