Learning for w/c 19/09/16

posted 18 Sep 2016, 22:37 by Primary 4 Teacher   [ updated 18 Sep 2016, 22:37 ]
Please find below the learning for the week ahead:

Literacy (the focus this week is on poetry creating an image in the reader's mind)
To be able to create expanded noun phrases
To be able to use adjectives and noun phrases to create an image in the reader’s mind
To be able to organize paragraphs around a theme
To be able to participate in performances
To be able to ask questions to improve their understanding of a text

Skills (focus on addition and subtraction strategies this week)
To be able to add 2-digit numbers by partitioning
To be able to subtract by counting up (answers less than 20)
To be able to subtract by counting up (answers more than 20)
To be able to count up to find change from a pound

IPC (focus on science this week)
To be able to gather information from simple texts
To be able to carry out simple investigations
To be able to classify animals according to their features

To know about the main stages of the human life cycle
To know the difference between living and non-living things