Take away restaurant

posted 10 Oct 2017, 22:16 by Primary 3 Teacher

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Dear Parents,

For our Entry Point we had pancakes in our restaurant.

It was fun and delicious but we also started to think about it. Was our food healthy? Was our food served in a sustainable way?

In Science we learned about the food groups. Now we know how to make a balanced meal.

In Geography we learned where our food comes from. Now we know what imported food is and that it is better to buy local.

In Technology we learned about plastic and styrofoams and that they don’t break down in nature and that it is better to wrap things in biodegradable materials.

We would like to offer you an opportunity to make your choices in our take away restaurant and we would like to make you think.

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For our exit point we redesigned our restaurant.

What choices will you make when you order, will you think about the impact you have?