Reflection Week

posted 23 Oct 2016, 14:33 by Primary 3 Teacher
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The Big Questions

This week we will be reflecting on our learning. 
This means that we will look back and think about where we are in our learning journey.

What main knowledge have we learned and how can we remember it.
What skills are we developing and how can we use the rubrics to guide us in our next steps.
What understanding have we developed and how can we communicate this through a visible thinking tool.

How have we learned collaboratively and how did that help us in developing our understanding?
How does our learning link with other things we learned?

This Tuesday we will be linking with Wonder Island and designing fabric bags that can be reused instead of using plastic bags. We would like to make people aware of their impact on the environment and promote being good global citizens. 

On Friday we will be having our Class Assembly, we are looking forward to sharing our learning! On Friday have a whole school exit point in which the children can dress up as an animal.