Learning in P3 Week 4

posted 21 Sep 2015, 01:14 by Primary 3 Teacher   [ updated 21 Sep 2015, 01:19 ]
In literacy we will learn: 


I can write a story using the same structure as 'Stone Soup'.

In Maths we will learn:

I know my maths vocabulary: next, first, crossing a ten, 1 more, count on, count on from, largest, how much?, coin amount, pay, total, altogether.

I can add by counting in 1's from the larger number, crossing a multiple of 10.
I can add three numbers by putting the largest number first.

In IPC we will learn:

I know about the different types of teeth

I can gather information from simple texts

I know that food comes from different places in the world.

I can look at fruit and vegetables from the supermarket and find out where they have come from.

I understand why some fruit and vegetables are more expensive than others linking it to where they come from.