Learning in P3 W4 Term 2.2

posted 27 Mar 2016, 22:35 by Primary 2 Teacher   [ updated 27 Mar 2016, 22:35 ]

This week our focus will be thoughtfulness as we will be using our knowledge of the properties of material s to choose the right materials for its purpose.


In IPC we will be learning

Science: what materials will slow down the melting process of ice?

Technology: what materials will you use to make a container for your ice cream?

On Friday we will have our exit point of our unit Freeze it.  We will present our own made ice-cream in our own made container with an explanation text to P7. They will come to visit us for ‘The Freeze off’ competition. They will judge our ice cream, containers and explanations and choose our ice cream King and Queen. They will present their ice cream to Mr. Stuart.


In Literacy we will be learning

Knowledge: I know different patterns in poems.

Skills: I can recognize patterns in a poem and write a poem with a similar structure.


In Maths we will be learning

Knowledge: The symbol for division, the meaning of a remainder.

Skills: To be able to split a number in equal groups.

Understanding: Division is grouping.