Learning in P3 Term 3.2 W5

posted 4 Jul 2016, 02:42 by Primary 3 Teacher   [ updated 4 Jul 2016, 02:42 ]
This week we will be creating posters to inform people about the danger of plastic in the oceans and giving suggestions for reducing, reusing and recycling.
We will also reflect on ourselves as writers by looking back at our writing throughout the years. 

We will consolidate our skills of telling time through different learning games.
We will develop our knowledge, skills and problem solving of measurements. 

Our IPC unit Water World will continue with Music and children will perform their musical pieces.
For the Exit Point children will play water games on the playground depending on the weather.

The Class Party will be on Wednesday afternoon.
Teachers will arrange the food and drinks.

There will be no swimming this week.
There will be PE on Thursday afternoon.

Last day of school for children will be Thursday 7th July.