Learning in P3 Term 3.2 W2

posted 13 Jun 2016, 19:28 by Primary 3 Teacher   [ updated 14 Jun 2016, 22:27 ]
Last week we were exploring with boats on water and used our problem solving and cooperation skills to rise to the challenge to transport our lego person across the water without getting wet. 

We will focus on the big picture: taking care of our environment and making choices that are creating sustainability. 

This week we will be learning

IPC: Geography 

knowledge: vocabulary of natural and human geographical features

skills: to be able to describe our environment using our vocabulary 

understanding: the environment provides homes for animals and we have to take care of it


Knowledge: I know the structure of a story and how to extend parts of a story.

Read a book of a significant author together and retell the story using cooperative learning structures and through drama.

Understanding: debate parts of the story providing arguments through the thinking game: tug of war
showing application of knowledge of a story and using communication skills to convince others. 


Knowledge: I know the features of a bar chart

Skills: I can create a bar chart that shows  the information that I used

Understanding: Apply these skills when convincing others in a debate by using data in a graph