Learning in P3 Term 3.1 W1

posted 16 Apr 2016, 23:20 by Primary 3 Teacher   [ updated 16 Apr 2016, 23:21 ]

Welcome back, 

I hope everyone had great holidays and safe travels.

This week we will focus on Cooperative Learning Strategies and Class-and Team building Activities. It means the children get opportunities to learn together and develop their personal qualities.Before a team is ready to learn together we have team building activities. This strengthens the bond of the team members and it builds trust. They also get to know each other better and get a sense of team identity and belonging. We also have class building activities which help new children to settle in by having enjoyable and successful experiences together.

In Literacy we will be learning about stories from the same author. 

To know different stories from the same author and facts about the author. 
To be able to compare the stories by discussing similarities and differences.
To understand that an author can have a 'style'. 

In Maths we will be learning;

To know the meaning of the vocabulary:thousands, hundreds, tens, units, digits, place value, rounding, round up, round to the nearest 10, half way, nearer, closer. 
To be able to read and write numbers up to 100 in words.
To be able to read and write numbers up to 1000 in figures.
To be able to partition 3-digit number into Hundreds, Tens and Units.
To be able to round numbers less than 100 to the nearest 10.
To understand that you have to repeat a skill to get faster at it.

Mental Maths:
2-D shapes
3-D shapes
Strategies to subtract 11 from a 2 digit number