Learning in P3 Term 2.1 23/01/2017

posted 22 Jan 2017, 12:05 by Primary 3 Teacher   [ updated 22 Jan 2017, 12:05 ]
The Big Question: What is a happy and healthy lifestyle? 


  • Name the senses and the functions

  • Know the food pyramid

  • Know 3  short term and long term effects that exercise has on your body

    • Sweat

    • Raised heart beat

    • Fatigue

    • Protects from disease

    • Increased metabolism

    • Builds your muscles


  • 1.4 To be able, with help, to conduct simple investigations

Be able to give examples of how balance is important for a healthy and happy lifestyle.

The Big Question
How can you make multiplication visible? 

  • facts about multiples of 2,5,10's
  • To be able to recognise multiples of 2, 5 and 10
  • To be able to make multiplication of 2,5, and 10's visible
applying a variety of strategies to make multiplication visible in order to explain relationships between number sentences
3x5 can also be written as 5+5+5 but not as 3+3+3+3+3

The Big Question
How can I retell a story and hold the interest of my audience?

  • Story sequence facts
  • Vocabulary that makes the story more interesting
  • To be able to retell the story and hold the interest of the audience. 
  • Using story pegs to retell a story

Apply interesting vocabulary when retelling a story