Learning in P3 Term 1.2 7.11.16

posted 6 Nov 2016, 00:18 by Primary 3 Teacher   [ updated 6 Nov 2016, 00:31 ]
On Monday we will celebrate our Entry Point A day in the life - Things people do

The children will be role-playing in different jobs. We ask your child to dress up as something they would like to be. 

In the Knowledge Harvest we make connections to previous learning and what we already know about the Unit. This helps us to make our learning bigger and better. We also record questions we have and we will add answers we find during the unit.

The Big Picture provides us with the main idea of the Unit. The children will be researching and creating a city in which they will explore how communities work together. Through role-play, construction, music and art the children will deepen their understandings and take on different  perspectives.

The Big Questions

   What is a community?

What does a community need?

Explaining the theme

We look at the learning process (journey)  to see what we will be learning about in a Unit. It helps us to understand the structure and link learning outcomes to the Big Picture.


The Big Question
How can my knowledge of place value and number pairs help me to add/subtract?

Know pairs with a total of 20
Know place value of digits

To be able to use a symbol to represent an unknown
To be able to add/subtract a single digit to/from a 2-digit number
To be able to add/subtract a single digit from a 2-digit number by bridging multiples of 10


The Big Question
What strategies can I use to improve my vocabulary?

Know what graphic organisers are.

To be able to improve my vocabulary using graphic organisers.