Learning in P3 Term 1.2 14/11/16

posted 14 Nov 2016, 02:29 by Primary 3 Teacher   [ updated 14 Nov 2016, 02:30 ]
IPC Society

The Big Question
What is a community and what does a community need?

  • things people do
  • different types of communities
  • rules of communities

  • To be able to explain to what communities you belong to.

  • Explain how you can be a responsible member of your community?


The Big Questions
How is money being used in a community?
Do we need money?

  • Coins of UK, US, EUR and RUBLE
  • Vocab: change, pay, pound, dollar, euro, ruble, currency of your home country, rounding, nearest 10

  • To be able to use pairs to 10 to find what needs to be added to a 2-digit number to make the next multiple of 10

  • To be able to solve and write simple number stories involving money.

  • Add and subtract 20, 11 and 20 in the context of money.

  • Apply knowledge and skills in a shop to pay for things and give back change

The Big Question
How can you engage your audience?

  • To know adjectives
  • To know noun phrases
  • To be able to write about familiar setting using adjectives and extended noun phrases
  • Reflect on the writing and evaluate
  • Edit punctuation and use of verbs