Learning in P3 T2.1 30/01/2017

posted 29 Jan 2017, 03:27 by Primary 3 Teacher   [ updated 29 Jan 2017, 03:27 ]
IPC The Big Question: What if there was no medicine? 
In History/Science we will be learning 
  • what causes disease?
  • vocabulary to describe the passing of time
  • vocabulary to think about diseases and health in the past and present
  • important people who invented a cure or medicine
  • how can you prevent illness? 
To be able to identify difference between their own lives and those of people who have lived in the past.

Explain how to the actions of people in the past have shaped the future for us and that our actions influence the future for others- Link with accountable Global Citizens

Literacy The Big Question: what language choices and lay out are being used to give clear instructions?

Spoken Language 
  • participate in discussions, presentations, performances
  • to be able to give clear instructions to partners 
  • know the features of an instruction text 
  • know a variety of yoga poses 
  • answering and asking questions
  • recognising simple recurring literary language     
  • to be able to use sentences with correct punctuation depending on the form

  • to be able to use sentences with different form; question, command, statement, exclamation

Apply your knowledge and understanding of instructions when creating a yoga video for P2 

Maths The Big Question: How can I represent my understanding of multiplication and division in a variety of ways?
  • vocabulary: array, number sentence, multiplication, addition, inverse relationship, represent, making thinking visible, demonstrate, present, communicate, convince, proof, explain, word problem, create, solve
  • To be able to use a variety of ways to represent a multiplication and division number sentence
  • solve and create multiplication and division problems