Learning in P3 T2.1 16/01/2017

posted 15 Jan 2017, 00:06 by Primary 3 Teacher
The Big Question: How to live a healthy and happy life?

We will start our Entry Point 'How are You?' on Monday
The children will make a healthy snack and go outside to play Winter Games

The Big Question: How can you check if your subtraction is correct?

Vocabulary: take away, 10 less, 1 less, 10 more, 1 more, multiples of 10, units, tens, number grid, number line, change, the difference

  • Use a landmarked line to add 2-digit numbers.
  • Subtract 2-digit numbers using a number grid where the ones do not cross a 10s barrier.
  • Subtract 2-digit numbers using a landmarked number line.
  • Find change from 50p using pairs to ten.
  • Find change by counting up to find a difference.
Understanding: Problem Solving applying Knowledge and Skills
In the subtraction calculation below, each of the letters K, A, N, G, R and O represents a different digit.


What is the largest possible value of the number 'KAN'?

Baba Yaga- Russian Traditional Tale
Hansel and Gretel- German Traditional Tale

The Big Question: What lifestyles values and points of view are represented in; or omitted from this story?

The features of a traditional tale
The meaning of new vocabulary


Spoken Language
  • Use spoken language to develop understanding through imagining and exploring ideas.
  • Participate in discussions and presentations. 
  • Give well-structured descriptions.

  • Gain and maintain the interest of the listener.  

  • Select and use appropriate registers.


Develop pleasure in reading:


  • Know a range of stories
  • To be able to discuss the sequence of events in tales
  • To be able to recognise simple recurring literary language in stories
  • To be able to recognise similarities and differences
  • Explain and discuss their understanding of books



  • To be able to segment words into phonemes and representing these by graphemes, spelling correctly
  • To be able to learn new ways of spelling phonemes / learn some words 
  • To be able to apply spelling rules and guidelines
  • To be able to use co-ordination (using or, and or but)
  • To be able to use correct sentence punctuation