Learning in P3 T2.1 09/01/17

posted 10 Jan 2017, 13:26 by Primary 3 Teacher

Applying maths knowledge and skills and using                 Create stories together.
different strategies to find new combinations.

Welcome back! 
I hope everyone had a relaxing and wonderful winter break. We are ready to continue our learning journey and we are kicking off with our IPC Mini-Unit Brainwaves. This Unit is all about learning about learning and the brain. 

We had a mini-entry point in which the children could explore different types of learning games. They reflected on how they had to cooperate, what knowledge and skills they learned and if they were able to explain to someone else how to do it, in order to show their understanding. 

IPC Unit Brainwave 

The Big Question: What is learning and how can I support it?

Knowledge: facts about the brain
Understanding: how to support my own learning