Learning in P3 T1.2 Week 4

posted 28 Nov 2015, 22:10 by Primary 3 Teacher   [ updated 28 Nov 2015, 22:13 ]

This week in IPC we will be learning International Mindedness through Geography, Music, Maths and Literacy.
We will use our Enquiry and research about other nationalities and develop Respect when we learn about them. 

I know that not all cultures have birthday songs.
I know what languages are spoken in home countries from children in my class. 
I know a song in another language than my own. 
I know how to say some simple words in another language. 
I know how to count to 10 in another language. 

I am able to sing a song in another language than my own. 
I am able to locate home countries and languages spoken in those countries on the world map.
I'm able to find similarities and differences in languages and cultures.  

Celebrate and respect similarities and differences so that we can play and learn together. 


I know the text features of instructions

I can reflect on my instruction writing from last term and improve on it.
I can write instructions for designing a shaker. 

I apply my knowledge and skills of writing instructions to help me plan for designing a product. 
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I know doubles for numbers up to at least 15 and corresponding halves.

I can derive doubles of multiples of 5 up to 100 and corresponding halves.