Learning in P3 T1.1 W4

posted 18 Sep 2016, 23:32 by Primary 3 Teacher   [ updated 18 Sep 2016, 23:33 ]

This week we will use our enquiry, research skills, cooperation and communication to find out about these questions. 

The Big Question in IPC Earth Our Home

What climates does our Earth have?
Why are there different climates on our Earth?
How are the climates related to habitats and the animals living in it?

We use the See, Think Wonder Routine combined with What makes you say that?

What can you See in the pictures?
Where do you think this animal might live? (explain your thinking, use I think....because....)
What does the picture make you wonder about? What makes you say that? 

How can you compare different maps to help you with your understanding of animals, habitats and climates?

The Big Question in Literacy
How has the author used vocabulary to interest the reader?
How can I use vocabulary to interest the reader?
How can I learn new vocabulary?
Focus on Describing the Characters of a Story

The Big Question in Maths
How can I show addition and subtraction in a variety of ways?
How can that help me in solving problems? 
How can I measure things around me?