Learning in P3 T1.1 3.10.16

posted 9 Oct 2016, 00:46 by Primary 3 Teacher   [ updated 9 Oct 2016, 21:51 ]
IPC Science/Society 

The Personal Quality Focus will mainly be to effectively communicate with others and deeply think about perspectives you can take on a problem. 

The Big Question
How are people affecting our habitats?
Is it important that we take care of our habitats?


I know examples of how people are affecting our habitats.

I can discuss and reason with arguments.

You can have multiple perspectives on a problem, understanding these
helps you in thinking of ways to solve the problem. 

Making Thinking Visible- Tug of War


The Big Question
How can you effectively organise content of a text to inform your audience?

I know the features of a nonfiction text: title, subtitle, bullet points, labels, flow diagrams.

I can write my own nonfiction text about a subject I studied using the features of a nonfiction text.


Mathematical Habits of Mind

Good thinkers are curious, thoughtful, collaborative and determined.

The Big Question

Know odd and even numbers up to 20

To be able to count in 2, and,10's
To be able to recognise multiples of 2,5,10
To be able to find halves and quarters by folding
To be able to colour halves, quarters and 3 quarters of shapes

Describe and continue patterns
Multiplication as repeated addition

equilateral and isosceles triangles

What repeating patterns can you make with these shapes?