Learning in P3 9/10/2017

posted 8 Oct 2017, 14:18 by Primary 3 Teacher   [ updated 8 Oct 2017, 14:25 ]
The Big Question IPC
 Technology: How can I redesign packaging? Continued from last week. 
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In our restaurant we used throw away plastics, is it needed? Could we think about how we pack things? Could we think about what products we buy based on packaging?

We will be linking and thinking with Wonder Island about this issue and might make some suggestions for our future! 

Know materials and their properties
Know tools and their uses

To be able to describe my plan in pictures and words

Performance of Understanding
Think about what materials our restaurant could use instead of throwaway plastics.

The Big Question Maths What learning tools and knowledge will help me to follow directions accurately?

Know half turn, quarter turn, clockwise, anti-clockwise, left, right, north, south, east, west, directions, forwards, backwards
Know a right angle is a quarter turn


To be able to measure the length of objects using standard units (cm, dm, m)

To be able to identify left and right

To be able to follow and give directions on a map using the vocabulary

Performance of Understanding
Match Mine 

The Big Question Literacy 

How can I communicate instructions in an organised way? 

Write instructions. 

Know vocabulary for writing


To be able to plan or say what they are going to write about

To be able to write down ideas and/or keywords, including new vocabulary

Performance of Understanding

Apply knowledge and skills of instruction writing for making a healthy sandwich