Learning in P3 T1.1 3.10.16

posted 1 Oct 2016, 21:14 by Primary 3 Teacher   [ updated 1 Oct 2016, 21:36 ]
IPC The Big Question Science/History

How do animals/plants change in their life time?
How do animals/plants change over a longer period of time?
How have plants designed their seeds to survive?

Know the life cycle of amphibians, birds, flowering plants, insects, mammals and non flowering plants.
Know different ways of plants dispersing seeds.

To be able to describe the changes and adaptations that animals and plants have made over time.
To be able to describe the changes seeds have made in order to survive.

Explain why changes and adaptations are important for the plants and animals to survive.

You can support your child at home by talking about the changes they have made. 



The Big Question
How can we measure the things around us?
What are Smooths?

Know units of measurement

To be able to measure things to the nearest units and centimetres.

Explain different ways to measure things and reasoning why this is an effective way of measuring


The Big Question
How can you communicate your knowledge of a subject to others

Features of a non-fiction text

To be able to design non-fiction texts with information linked to our IPC Unit Earth our Home

Applying knowledge and skills in designing an information booklet about animals and their environment that they have studied.