Learning in P3 20/11/2017

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Big Question IPC Throughline : What makes a great person?

Roald Dahl                                                                         Julia Donaldson 

History guiding questions: 

How have people from the past changed the world around them? 
Does that make them accountable Global Citizens? 

We will use our inquiry and investigate the lives of people from the past. 

Know facts about people from the past from my home/host and other countries.

To be able to use key words and phrases relating to the passing of time
To be able to order events and persons into a sequence
To be able to find out about aspects of the past from a range of sources of information 

Performance of Thinking
Explain how personal qualities helped people becoming famous. 
Think and reason about how people from the past changed the world around them - does it make them accountable global citizens? 

Big Question Literacy: How can I engage my audience? 

Image result for story plan

Writing guiding questions:
What tools for writing can I use?
How can I improve on my story? 


Consider what they are going to write before beginning by:


I know new vocabulary for my writing


To be able to plan or say what they are going to write about

To be able to write down ideas and/or keywords, including new vocabulary

Develop positive attitudes towards and stamina for writing by:


To be able to write narratives using a similar structure

Make simple additions, revisions and corrections to their own writing by:

To be able to re-read to check that their writing makes sense

To be able to proof-read to check for errors in spelling, grammar and punctuation

To be able to read aloud what they’ve written

To be able to check that verbs to indicate time are used correctly

To be able to include verbs in the continuous form

Got Its Maths

  • This week we will be reflecting on the maths learning journey