Learning in P3 16/04/2017

posted 17 Apr 2017, 04:06 by Primary 3 Teacher

IPC Big Question: What makes a good scientist?

Our subject specific question: What are forces?

Explore forces in the PE Hall

Do, Think, Wonder


  • Identify a push and a pull force


  • To be able pose scientific questions

  • To be able to identify ways of finding out about scientific issues

  • To be able to conduct simple investigations with help


  • Think about your explorations in the PE Hall and Wonder about questions you might have. Design ideas for your new exploration starting with: I wonder what would happen if.....Explain what you would like to find out and how you would measure it. Can you make a prediction? 

Literacy Big Question: How to capture your audience?

Different stories by the same author: Allan MacDonald

  • a range of adjectives
  • identify and name adjectives
  • use a thesaurus
  • learn adjectives to describe characters
  • comparing 2 stories from the same writer and discuss similarities and differences with peers and expressing opinions
  • give reasons for preferences
  • apply your new learned vocabulary when creating a character description, making it interesting for your audience to read

Maths Big Statement: Convince Me! 

  • number bonds
  • doubles
  • halves
  • To be able to add any pair of two-digit numbers using partitioning or counting on in tens and ones

  • Convince your partner/team that your number sentence is correct. Use 4 different ways to make your thinking visible.